Dive Deep: Leaders work on all levels and know what is going on. <> They may also take bloodwork to test the levels of iron, cholesterol, and vitamins in your system. 2970 Peachtree Road NW Contingent job offers may be withdrawn if candidates fail their pre-employment physical test. You can lose a job offer based on the results of your physical examinations, but there are strict guidelines in place to protect you from discrimination that employers must follow. The majority of questions on the Amazon warehouse assessment will be multiple-choice, with candidates being expected to select the answer which they feel is most appropriate. The work style assessments are based on Amazons leadership principles and consist of 38 questions in total. The applicant posed a direct threat (a significant risk of substantial harm) to themselves or others based on the alcohol test results. Prepare well in advance by reading the job description thoroughly and understanding the requirements of the role. Amazon prides itself on offering great customer service and satisfaction. The resulting injuries include low back and neck strains and sprains, torn rotator cuffs, slips, trips and falls and tendonitis of the hand, wrist and elbow. For example, Hawaii disallows private and public employers of any size to require employees to submit a genetic test. Ownership: Amazon leaders think long-term and act on behalf of the entire company, doing what is needed even if it does not fall into their job specifications. Applicants are assessed equally as everyone is given the same information during the assessment.

Having a few insightful questions of your own shows that you are interested in the job and have done some research. The ADA strictly prohibits companies from requiring drug and alcohol tests before extending a job offer. Learn how this major importer and roaster of specialty coffees reduced turnover in key positions by 47% using HighMatch. x\$7r?B$` [Z'YYGhd0o>O??38y__rgW@{?G7@_=[. ^.C.+4f$i~x&t1[o=HAM}gIXBJh%O>k~e tE&9)V;RQk":si9[9Es?;9xtMtm::5tP_.w[8 v> Q=|hinV 6[\DM_4h cS3llTGVN+e:Zpx. Qe(F:'50EJ1LMfD#WLt:Qr~QB@A# They are apprised of the details and check things over frequently. If a job offer is revoked due to the results of an alcohol test, employers must be able to prove one of the following objectively: The applicant was unable to perform the essential functions of the job due to their alcohol test results. If you have passed the interview successfully, you will be asked to supply two pieces of photo ID as well as possibly take a drug test. However, if the job does require the ability to hear, the employer is not expected to have to employ an interpreter at all times. Theyll gladly answer any reasonable question that theyre allowed to. It is important to remember that at Amazon customers always come first. As an expert with testing in the warehousing and distribution industry, ErgoScience has data that proves what we do works. Practice aptitude tests today.

In addition to the materials handling, prolonged or repetitive bending and reaching can also be an issue. You make a conditional offer of employment. If you know your pre-employment physical will require some physical exertion, then wearing workout clothing and proper shoes is important. tOiF:R/ #^Za/0F1 Beyond that, your medical record is still confidential and kept separate from other employment records. They eagerly explore new possibilities. stream During some parts of the assessment process you will be asked to answer hypothetical questions relating to potential workplace scenarios. While a pre-employment physical is dedicated to, well, mostly physical things, an HPE is about identifying strengths and liabilities for the particular duties of the job. Make sure you continue your research to learn more about the specific state and local laws regarding pre-employment physicals. @ ?~bviV-)9?:7 g*8_,zT{O| Job offers are allowed to contain conditions relating to alcohol and drug usage, as well as require tests. Your answers reveal what kind of worker you are, your work values and whether you fit with the position. endobj If so, its possible that you will be tested on the following: What should I wear to a pre-employment physical? Psychometric Success 2007-2022.

There are Amazon warehouses all over the world, and it is from these warehouses that goods are sent out when customers make purchases. These laws define proper practices relating to pre-employment physical ability tests and factors such as minimum wage. Your employer may want you to complete a few tests in addition to your physical, such as physical ability tests, drug and alcohol tests, psychological tests, or human performance evaluations. ?1L.)+x=^I/Wvec7{k={.J6"MF:k?hl! FA$ ?ZeFLn7 Its also a good idea to call your insurance to see if they have any specific instructions for you. The only correct answer to this question is that you would report the employee to your supervisor immediately. 0BN;"Kat+Z0`x"kNuAN{ )Juh`&={$lI@IkoSP9N{"!hkO*ka"mgC"TPyijpNn-)-?Dqv[0L43dyl%$S5<6)ccstMBlq=B+ However, there is a good chance there are a few more hoops you have to jump through before everything is finalized, including a pre-employment physical. Applicants will also be given statements and asked to what extent they agree or disagree on a scale of one to five. Companies may require drug tests to improve productivity, reduce absenteeism, and protect themselves from liability. nl %(&wM } They analyzed the demands of our drivers and were able to develop a Pre-Hire Physical Abilities Test that and has cut our injury rate in half and reduced our work comp cost per employee by 68%. Yes, you can fail a pre-employment physical. You have a choice your tests can be administered at your workplace or in a nearby clinic. #k,|m+,,&t Hd*!y"\.WJ#7ta9^M[U`]:P5N{gwId-ld3fX:?[L Its important to note that a drug or alcohol test is not considered part of a medical exam. Find a quiet room that you can have to yourself with the door locked. HighMatchs Warehouse Job Assessment Test evaluates candidates for the aptitudes, traits and work skills necessary to improve your organization. Learn how HighMatch can significantly reduce your turnover rate in the first year. Talent acquisition pros must understand the impacts of displacement in order to access this unique talent pool. You will be given 20 minutes to answer questions that relate to what you would be doing in your role as a member of the warehouse staff. Effect on KPIs: And with the average strain/sprain or slip/trip/fall costing $40K in direct costs alone, the work comp costs go on and on as well. Add as much information about the company as you can in your answers to show your interest and that you have done your research. Tasks vs. tests. 2 0 obj But if youre wondering if youll be out any money, the answer is usually no. Others may be conducted by a psychologist in person. For this reason, pre-employment exams may also include a psychological element. The warehouse injuries that involved lost or restricted workdays was 3.7 per 100 full-time employees compared to the average of 1.7 per 100 full-time employees for all other industries (more than double the lost or restricted work days). endobj Providing the necessary accommodations would cause the employer undue strain or hardships. Stress that you would read the order over carefully, checking the items, the quantity, color, size, etc. Many applicants do not meet anyone from the company until the interview process. Just remember that a medical examination isnt as important as your performance during an interview with a hiring manager or a recruiter. Employers are also allowed to set fitness and health requirements for a job. 4 0 obj XHW*y]0=WO5k8>>X"5S 0V&c& Fj|7J.)X?+~^T"{q?L%U8 H/k;K|u3*k;|l.>o{^8ThaJh+"npu^Jm&d> V}cvmn=rxFCt!3. The same holds true for delivery driver candidates - materials handling is also an issue. Some applicants may also need to demonstrate computer skills as well as customer service skills. If you work in Florida, employers are allowed to request a follow-up drug test if youve participated in a drug rehabilitation program during the last two years. If you have any previous warehouse experience, special qualifications or licenses it is important to mention those up front and distinguish yourself as well-qualified. Candidates with disabilities must be given reasonable accommodation to enable them to take the test. It prefers self-sufficiency and resourcefulness. Finding warehouse employees that enjoy the role, are safety-minded and will stay on the job longer is challenging in the best of times, let alone todays hot job market. A pre-employment physical is a physical medical exam that an employer requires you to take before your employment can be finalized. Both are designed to assess an employees capabilities, but there are a few differences. Its also a good idea to read up on your future employers expectations for your physical abilities as it relates to your particular role and what tests theyre planning to have you complete. (more than double the lost or restricted work days). You have fewer lost and restricted duty days. The test takes approximately 20 minutes to one hour to complete and questions are based on Amazons leadership principles. There are many ways you can prepare for the assessment tests. Remain calm and confident and think positively that you can do well. Amazon is known for its speedy shipping and delivery, and this means that those who work in the warehouse need to be quick on their feet. Assessor. Are pre-employment physicals covered by insurance? These tests can identify potential trouble areas and make suggestions to an employees form. It needs to be a requirement for all people who are potentially being offered the job, and if someone has a disability, appropriate accommodations must be made for them to take the physical also. How do you know if the testing is working? endobj Doing a little research such as reading this article is also a good way to prepare, as it will help you know what to expect from each type of test and what your legal rights are so you can fight back with confidence if something isnt above board. And beyond the direct medical and indemnity costs, how do these injuries affect your organizations KPIs? Suite 300 6 0 obj Examine the following statements and choose the answer option that best applies to you. Explain how the values would make you feel proud to be an Amazon employee and that you love how Amazon values the customer. The test takes approximately 15 to 20 minutes to complete. If you are unsure, you may want to consider using a resume service that can look over your resume for you. <> However, there are legal hazards at this stage as well. These include: Physical fitness tests may cover a candidates ability to perform specific tasks, as well as their overall fitness and stamina. Its best to find out sooner rather than later if a position is suitable for you. In addition to pre-employment physicals, some employers will conduct human performance evaluations (HPEs).

Our Talent Insights Platform combines modular cognitive and behavioral assessments with a massive library of skills testing, and our managed services arm provides a range of outsourced services to resource-strapped HR teams.

Theres no benefit in lying or trying to hide anything. Most rules regarding pre-employment physical exams are covered under the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA). When assessing technical skills for warehouse positions, its important to keep the critical job functions in mind so you have an effective frame of reference of what to look for in a candidate. And these statistics are not surprising when you consider the nature of the work lots of materials handling (lifting, carrying, pushing, pulling), lots of reaching into overhead racks and bending down to reach into low racking, fast-paced and repetitive work with employees often compensated based on speed or pick rate, with the work sometimes being conducted on slippery surfaces, or climbing on and off equipment. Be the first to rate this post. 7 0 obj Lets assume that the position youre applying for requires a certain level of physical fitness. Stress that you work hard to learn where the most popular items are first and then add more items to your memory list from there. Ensure that your phone and other technological devices are all turned off during your assessments. Hire and Develop the Best: Leaders aim to hire those who will excel and be innovative. No, your personal insurance probably will not cover a pre-employment physical. Generally, a pre-employment physical will take a health history, and youll have a brief visit with a physician or a nurse that covers the basics. If youve been asked to take a pre-employment physical, youve already been offered the job, and theres no need to dress in your best clothes to make a good impression. The warehouse jobs involve a lot of time on your feet, a lot of rushing and the urge to always go faster. Wear comfortable clothing. Youll be told this before the physical so youll have time to prepare. The hiring process to work in an Amazon warehouse runs over three stages.

- San Ewing. In addition, the test should include some component that measures endurance because the materials handling typically happens for prolonged periods of time. There are no reasonable accommodations that the employer could make to allow the candidate to perform the essential duties. Not everyone will make it through the hiring process. Leaders coach others to be great. Invent and Simplify: Amazon leaders find new ways to simplify and do things. /K%5S=3UtVX&(bW?aL^XtW5?\1)o) klsBJ6gU^~SQ7u 8`UASvPpE@?1Cc3H?dp\l-1MnMy{?0 <>>> Coffee Distributor Reduces Turnover by 47%. Wear comfortable clothes to your pre-employment physical. Ask questions.

Delivery notes are important to help the driver deliver the right goods to the right place. Need a different guide to improve your hiring process? Productivity and accuracy increasesall leading to increased profitability. Become familiar with Amazons values and how you can best work them into your answers. While you cant change your health overnight, there are a few ways to prep yourself for a physical. The key is that you have to have been offered the job before they request the physical. You can often find this information in your job offer documents or by asking the HR representative who has been working with you. If you're contemplating this line of work as a summer or full-time job, take this test to learn more about the skills and traits that will come in handy. The work pace is quick, with the goal to make every customer happy with their experience. Lying during the assessment process could result in you being offered a job that really doesnt suit you very well and could potentially make you very unhappy. Its only a matter of time before these individuals experience a strain, sprain, repetitive injury or a fall.

These tests may be simple, such as an online Myer-Briggs survey to establish an applicants personality profile. The list goes on. According to BLS statistics, in 2016, there were 5.1 non-fatal recordable injuries and illnesses for every 100 warehouse employees compared to 3.2 per 100 employees for all other industries (a 69% increase). They look for different perspectives and try to disconfirm their beliefs. If youre part of a protected group or have health problems, its important to know how the ADA covers you. There are a wide variety of jobs at an Amazon warehouse: All of these jobs are important and required to make the warehouses run smoothly. In addition, delivery drivers may have to navigate tricky client entrances some involving stairs or ramps that challenge balance and push/pull strength. You would be responsible for getting goods out the door and to the customer in a timely manner. What is included in a pre-employment physical exam? You wouldnt hire an accountant who didnt have the proper training and credentials, would you? Note that you carefully check and double-check everything that is labeled against the address list before giving the list to the driver to use on deliveries. But because some medications can alter a drug test, most employers wait until post-offer for this so they can get the whole picture. A Lot: Amazon leaders are often right, with good judgment and instincts. You generally wont get a phone call after completing the assessment, but Amazon does usually contact candidates to let them know whether or not they have been successful. While paying attention to competition, customers are the main focus. For example, a test for a job that does not require the ability to hear must provide a sign language interpreter if a candidate is deaf. See the full list of warehouse skills tests. Any requirements and testing regarding drugs and alcohol must apply to all applicants who receive job offers in the same job category. Deliver Results: Leaders rise to the occasion and deliver with quality in a timely fashion. So why would you hire someone to do physically demanding work, who doesnt have the strength, stamina, flexibility or balance to do it? What legally constitutes a direct threat to health and safety under the ADA is also strictly defined. You could decide to answer the questions in a way which you think that the company wants to see. Minorities, senior citizens, and women are also commonly held to uneven and illegal testing standards. Research Amazon well and understand its beliefs and policies. Accuracy of receiving, putaway and picking. All rights reserved. )pNGO bYjrT1OP-yI,$` EN q2TkKD&d'eIF}0K?7>}UjaJa%= &3h@eBW?s Its often important to test a variety of types of lifts as different muscles are used for different types of lifting. Expect the following: To be asked questions about your health history and your family health history, To be asked many questions about your lifestyle, fitness, and health-related choices, To have your temperature and blood pressure recorded. Much like a scaled-back doctors visit. Being a part of the warehouse staff is a big part of this. While the assessments will differ depending on the role, the most common are work style and work sample assessments. Its a growing company that prides itself on making the customer happy. If the candidate fails, the offer can be rescinded. No votes so far! Many Amazon jobs can be applied for through online applications, and this application will remain in your file throughout your career there. Whether you are new to recruiting or an experienced hiring manager, our guides have something for you. Don't lose out on that job. %PDF-1.5 In addition to federal protections employees are entitled to, different states have their own labor laws. endobj Selecting the right assessment solution from the hundreds available can be daunting. "We chose to work with ErgoScience because of their professionalism both inside the office and out in the field. He has hired over 50 people in his career, been hired five times, and wants to help you land your next job. 3 0 obj Productivity and endurance are key in this type of occupation - the busier the warehouse, the heavier the workload, the longer the hours, and the greater the need for comfortable shoes! What will the test look like? They also apply to government agencies and labor organizations. Luckily you have likely done your research, as noted above, and you have a good understanding of Amazons key values and how they fit into the business. Receiving, putaway and picking cycle times decrease and lead times shorten. Choose from either custom or packaged assessment based on the specific needs of your organization, and allow your candidates to benefit from an intuitive, mobile-first platform that works to build a holistic index of their capabilities. They have experienced an 89% decrease in the annual average number of injuries sustained, going from a 10-year average of 53 injuries per year to an average of a mere 6 injuries per year! Emphasize that you are a team player as well as any significant contributions you made to your last job. Failing a drug test can also remove you from the list of viable job candidates. Competition for Amazon jobs is high as it is known to be a good place to work.

The information in this article gives a detailed outline of the legal guidelines but is not comprehensive. You are on your way to a great career at Amazon. xYYoF~da$A4]{##F%1$%[~4Nu|Af~Q]C~>?|./6Y]l7]^G]?L-6a/';=y 6|:HjR(9^U?aY >`iMSB If a job requires you to perform certain tasks or lift a specific amount of weight and you cant, you will fail the physical, and the contingent job offer will be redacted. Regardless of whether its a private or public warehouse, a distribution center, a cold storage facility or an e-commerce fulfillment center and regardless of the types of goods housed within the facility, one thing all of these organizations have in common is that they have a lot of injuries.