I look forward to how Greater Good Charities can be a part of it all. These primates were being kept as pets in very small cages and no access to natural behavior opportunities. The park has four elephants that have been rescued from the logging industry.

Evenings were spent relaxing in a tranquil surrounding with beautiful food cooked by the local mountain people and a comfy bed to collapse into., of local families benefit from employment at the project, "It was an amazing experience that will stay with me forever! I wandered over to see the geese, turkeys, and roosters (that had been honking, gobbling and crowing for hours). About | Disclaimer | Privacy Policy | Company A-Z| Advertise | Press | Contact, Ethical Elephant & Wildlife Sanctuaries in Thailand, 5 Things I Learned at an Elephant Sanctuary in Thailand, Camp Cambodia: Travelling Solo With a Difference, Best Animal Sanctuaries to Visit around the World, How to Ethically Interact with Elephants in Asia. Send checks to:Greater Good CharitiesC/O: Accounting600 University St Suite 1000,Seattle, WA 98101 US. Kamlin came to the Cambodia Wildlife Sanctuary very thin and frail. The clearing is process, and plans to build are starting. Chris is the project manager and will be your main point of contact and there to support you during your placement. Jack, Founder. Before we left, we connected Darrick with our education partner in Siem Reap, Ponheary Ly Foundation. 1.5 hour drive. As the saying goes: an elephant never forgets, and the energy they have known from humans has been constantly negative and brutal for many years. The people there are just as beautiful as the scenery, the mountains and the jungle. The efforts of the project help to discourage the community from further domestication of wild elephants and demonstrate the value of elephants living freely. This concerned all of us. We travelled to the city of Siem Reap by tuk-tukan experience in itself (the rules of the road are very different to England!). The accomodation is built mainly from recycled materials and is located on thejungle slopes with stunningviews. The gibbons have an enclosure that is always open, and they fend for themselves, however; they have a safe place to return to should they wish. In your freetime you can enjoy the quietness of the rural forest camp and spend time playing games, watching movies, reading and relaxing around the fire pit. There are four secluded, self-contained jungle bungalows available, built in traditional Bunong style. Volunteers work a 5 day week, Monday to Friday. Helping Seniors Pass Final Exams Amidst Coronavirus, Vozes de MeninasEmpowering Girls in Brazil. Fees in currencies other than GBP are indicative only and volunteers are invoiced in GBP. Bucket showers are an experience. GreaterGood was asked to help raise funds for this enclosure. From cross country road trips, to coastal visits with new and old friends, new towns, landscapes, and even weather discovered along the way keeps me on my toes and constantly learning. The dog meat trade is popular in Cambodia as it is in other Southeast Asian countries, and although this is due to poverty and the need for nutrition, there are also superstitious beliefs involved. Maybe. It is vital to conserve the forest in which the project is located as the wild elephant population is now over 140 elephants, which is a large proportion of the estimated 250-600 wild elephants who live in the whole of Cambodia. During this morning we escorted two of the three elephants and their mahouts on a walk through the Cambodian jungle. This stops the Buddhist population from cutting down the trees and helps save the forests. These numbers are diminishing rapidly because they are still being poached for the illegal logging trade and begging. Rescued aged 24 from a life in the illegal logging trade. 5 hour layover. Girls Voices encourages girls all over the world to express themselves through digital storytelling. The Moldulkiri region has a tropical climate with an annual average temperature of around 23C. Experience a side of Cambodia beyond most tourists itineraries, learning about the local Bunong communities culture and exploring the nearby waterfalls and tropical forests during your free time. Reserve your place and start your volunteering adventure to Cambodia! The project also works hard to create awareness and change attitudes in Cambodia around the elephants role as a work animal. A truly worthwhile experience in the north-western Samraong district of Cambodia. So, we shopped at the Night Market and went for food, generally experiencing the culture of the city and enjoying hot running water for the first time in a week. The sanctuary is still young and therefore relies on the import of food for the animals, however they are in the process of planting sugar cane fields and banana plants, so they can be more self-sufficient. We continued on our walk around the perimeter of what Darrick envisions to be a 300 acre elephant territory. Were currently based in Toronto, Canada and available through email at: Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. They take in strays, injured dogs and those rescued from the dog meat trade, treat any injuries and neuter/vaccinate the animals. The project itself was also amazing, volunteering with elephants in the most ethical way. From their genetic makeup to issues surrounding the mistreatment of elephants, I was constantly learning at the sanctuary. If you are staying in a dorm during the week, you will be allocated a twin room and share with another volunteer (on a single sex basis) with an ensuite bathroom. RESPONSIBLE TRAVEL Read more about Top 5 Reasons to Volunteer with Communities Abroad. Dino prepared a delicious breakfast for us including eggs from the noisy gaggle who woke me up. 6 hour flight. It is rare to see a black village dog because of this superstition. Well never know what Kamlin endured in her younger years, but here at the Cambodia Wildlife Sanctuary, she is safe and not afraid of human touch. Whilst on the project the day was split in 2 sessions which was either seeing the elephants or volunteering around the site. Our host, Darrick Thomson picked us up at the Siem Reap airport. This is a brilliant experience being able to get up close with the elephants to carry out health checks & observe them in their natural habitat. I first fell in love with music festivals after attending Lollapalooza in 2011. And it was so quiet. The third morning was spentteaching Englishto children in a primary school, and that afternoon we took part in a Buddhist tree blessing ceremony with a Bhikkhu. Rice is a staple part of Khmer cuisine and will be a feature of most meals! Nestled between Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, and the Gulf of Thailand, is Cambodia, home to over 15 million people and the famous Angkor Wat, the largest religious monument in the world. Ever since the Khmer Rouge, an organization that incited country-wide genocide for 31 years, came to an end in 1999, the country has been in rehabilitation. She looked right into my soul with her beautiful eyes. Every day though, I had my heart broken as I learned more about these beautiful intelligent creatures and how much abuse they suffer in a lifetime. Dog meat is a cheaper alternative to chicken, beef, or pork and it is a tradition to eat it as it is tradition to eat roast beef in England. They are huge. Generally volunteers spend half of each day with the elephants and the other half assisting with tasks required by the sanctuary and the local community. It taught me so many things about elephants and Cambodia that I did not know before. This rescued capuchin couldnt resist our videographer, Lynn! If you are planning to travel to Cambodia and would like do play a small role in helping then there are lots of different opportunities available like visting, donating to or helping at a wildlife sanctuary. During the Spread Hope Girls Voices at Home video challenge, we asked girls around the world to share messages of hope during this difficult time. To be so close to an elephant is surreal and life-changing. After Kamlin joined her friend in the forest, we walked down to the primate rescue enclosure where we met a few long and curly tailed capuchins, a silver langur, and a very acrobatic gibbon. Cambodia Wildlife Sanctuarys Janie stays by Allisons side all day and night. Volunteers have weekends off which are spent in Sen Monorom. From Sunday dinner to Friday lunch, main meals are included and prepared for you by members of the local community. A scarcely populated part of the country close to the border of Vietnam, which offers volunteers a look into the countryside of Cambodia. Sixteen year old Lia who used to be knocked over by the wheelbarrow, now proudly and strongly navigates the property with a wheelbarrow filled with young trees. They are also building new enclosures (I helped!) She is free to come and go as she pleases and luckily for me, she chose to stay and share her greatness with me. Arun-Reah worked her entire life until her rescue in the logging industry. The Bunong people are wonderful - the guides & mahouts providing insights into to the elephants & their local region, the ladies serving up delicious meals. We settled into our thatched roof open-air huts and wrapped inside our mosquito netting, tried to get some sleep. For more details and a breakdown of our costs please click here. As a part of the winning prize, we made a donation in the name of each of the five winners to support Girls Voices scholars. The staff were amazing, caring and attentive, going out of their way to make sure you learned as much as possible, while having a great time., One of the best experiences of my life. This placement far out lived all of my expectations and I would highly recommend it. and walked past the leopard cats enclosure (we couldnt see them as they were completely wild and hid from people).

All while getting to know people from around the world. Every 10 seconds or so, Darrick would honk his horn to get the dogs in the middle of the street to get out of our way. We run volunteer programmes in over 30 countries across the world focusing on wildlife conservation and community development projects and every project we offer adheres to our ethical standards. It pains me to think that another living creature can be treated so terribly and abused so much in a lifetime Especially one that is my favourite animal. They do not know they are now safe from abuse and they end up needing constant care and protection once their freedom is bought from places like CWS. All of the dogs are up for adoption worldwide (it costs USD $600 to adopt a dog and this includes flights). Volunteers work alongside local and international staff. Volunteer fees help us to provide vital jobs for the local population, care for their elephants and protect their local forest. The way the elephants are treated was incredible and a beautiful experience to be a part of., We have other projects you may be interested in. There is also the volunteering which can stretch you, physically mainly due to the heat, but not more than you can personally handle. When you come and volunteer, that allows us to do what we do best: to care for sick and abused elephants. Volunteering at the Elephant Conservation Project in Cambodia I found was very rewarding and came away with a real sense of achievement and felt like I'd really made a difference. Help to rehabilitate the elephants and enable them to experience a more natural life. I helped plant fruit and acacia trees all over the property. Amelia Thackray, a student of Cultural and Media Studies and a Lifelong Learning Centre PHE graduate chose to volunteer in Cambodia at a wildlife sanctuary because it combined three of her favourite things: animals, conservation and culture. There are plenty of free time activities to enjoy in town. Greater Good Charities is a registered 501(c)3 public charity. When I arrived at Siem Reap airport after a 22-hour journey, I was met at the gates by a very enthusiastic Australian named Jade, who was to be my team leader for the week. I also slept for 13 hours straight. We walked and looked after the rescue dogs, were introduced to the baby gibbons (so cute!) Not far from the female elephant territory, was 50 acres of land being cleared for a bull elephant enclosure. From the many ancient temples, most notably Angkor Wat, to the awe-inducing Chinese-style architecture and Old French Quarter, there is much to see and do. There are usually 8-10 volunteers with a maximum of 30, but this varies considerably throughout the year. Being so old, she has digestive issues so we prepared a special, soft meal for her daily that included fibre pellets to help her poop. This was a good mix and therefore not too strenuous, with time to relax in the evening.

The Elephant sanctuary is located in the Mondulkiri region that is in the remote Eastern part of Cambodia. These animals, generally elephants and primates, are starved and tortured to render them submissive and pliable.

The Cambodia Wildlife Sanctuary is financed through the volunteer program and private donations. Donations made through volunteering really helps wildlife sanctuaries and I cant wait to go back and participate again. The bungalows are basic, but comfortably furnished with a double bed, tables and a chair and have ensuite bathrooms. The project is unique and looks after domestic, semi wild and wild animals who live on the reserve (such as a wild white female gibbon who visits a rescued male hopefully these will mate). There are also suggestions for ways you can get involved to have a positive impact too. I assumed he was talking about the local Cambodian women who come to the Sanctuary to work for the day. This area is being cleared for the future bull elephant enclosure at Cambodia Wildlife Sanctuary. soi khao dao waterfall sanctuary trek wildlife I take comfort in knowing that the land is theirs, and they are free to come and go as they please. This treatment involves beatings and torture to subdue them, separating and isolating them from one another and overworking them to exhaustion. I then went wild swimming in a stunning waterfall. The Asian country boasts beautiful beaches, a sea filled with unique, hill-like islands, and many ancient, ornate temples. Volunteer in Cambodia at a sanctuary that allows elephants to live freely in a natural habitat! Elephant Conservation Volunteer Project, Sri Lanka, Bear Sanctuary Volunteer Project, Cambodia, Observe elephants in their natural habitat, Assist with the daily work of an Elephant sanctuary. Volunteer at an ethical elephant Sanctuary and home for old elephants in Mae Chaem, situated in the countryside of Northern Thailand near Chiang Mai. You will learn all about the elephants own stories, whilst also gaining knowledgeon the forest and local Bunong community. volunteer