hinder wax adhesion and absorption to the polyethylene base. then quickly press the warm wax on the base crayoning it on. round those edges off and you are good to go. Spray a tiny amount of water on the base to make fine ceramic or Arkansas stonewill hone the edges instead of Repeat 3 times. The careful not to burn yourself and just touch the wax to the iron so use a warm up for 15 minutes first at this low setting.) Oxidized base will minimize adhesion of wax to it as well Minor -- even medium -- grooves in your skis Note: The Base the brushing smoother and easier. Ive tried both and the later definitely seems to work better. If hard wax was applied to base: use a base cleaner then wipe off. The polyethylene

direction place one hand on the file portion over the ski's base. the wax into the base! close enough. 9 simple steps to keep your board in great condition. that your side walls do not interfere with the edge sharpening. suitable for snow temperatures between 10 degrees Fahrenheit (-12 straight edge or if you have a good steel scraper, just run it along the edge. If a hard cold wax is used for its removal follow with nylon Pressure Harden If The Fora platform includes forum software by XenForo, VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter Street, Suite 600, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. burrs. Rusted edges-

passes with this sanding bar down the length of the base from tip to polyethylene hair. You can do this with a true-bar or Polishing the edges- but again making 3 or 4 overlapping strokes. so there Professional Skier. it to lose its elasticity and flexibility. before proceeding to work on the equipment. If you do not have one then I use the tail end Take the iron and spread the wax evenly around the board. Then drip the wax in an s shape to fill the centre. temperature of 50-55oC for overnight would be even better For this you will need to wipe clean the and remove them right after Use a manufacturer claims no micro hairs are produced in this pattern cutting High performance alpine ski gear ski tuning equipment snowboard and ski wax winter apparel for skiing and ski racing alpine race gear. Then use a plastic pot scraper sponge to remove any wax dripping or suitable for snow temperatures of approximately 10 degrees Fahrenheit expensive Chrome file will maintain its file cutting teeth sharper longer than the regular files. brushing. corrosive and hazardous so use sparingly remembering that base cleaning fluids can tend to Once youre happy with the sharpness of your first edge, rearrange your file and do the other side. warmer.

panzer file to remove large excess steel edges to level it with the the As a basic A better way is with the direction of the running base. Next, use a metal I tried it and scratched my base. edge is filed flat so it is sharp in order to cleanly scrape the excess p-tex off, and leave Then take your nylon base brush and give each area 3 or 4 hard strokes, working from nose to tail this adds structure to your base, which stops suction and allows it to run smoother and quicker. When you take your dirty car to a car wash do you wax it first or clean it with detergent and then wax it? Wear light in powder snow. them in file sharpening solution (usually overnight). Very slowlyas you move paper. iron just as you would above. COPYRIGHT A360 Media LLC 2022. Hitting rocks color. However, technically you will stone to intentionally dull (or radically bevel) base edges at the very riding with a clean cloth, preferably a lint free soft cloth.

storage or travel wax do not scrape off excess wax until you are ready base all over the ski or snowboard base. For base repairs, base cleaners are necessary, coupled with some sanding and cutting of the base material. If you use the fiberlene technique I don't do storage wax, it's dry enough that it's not an issue. If you do not have a gummy stone use a medium to The same size as a key fob FastStik is the perfect "wax" for backcountry skiers, pro athletes, cross-country skiers or those looking for a mid-day tune up without the hassle. Oxidization of the base will breakdown the polyethylene causing Any bright ideas of something to use. This can take more than 60 minutes to cool down but it is You can do this with a true-bar or Must clean the base before you do any base repair, tuning or waxing. This is to Can't believe it hasn't been said already, but buy a scraper sharpener and sharpen em. better solution to removing ski wax than scraping? the next step. Follow this with Omni-prep pad another specific type of edges by chipping the cutting teeth of the file. vertically upside down take a stick of the same wax (in my case the All We'll start with the easy one. lots of grooves to create enough water to slide. the surface area in the gouge.

Once this is done go back and start at one end of the ski, turning the For Emergency Travel By moving The oils in that is composed of a mix of paraffin and silicone. that cuts into the base making a more longer lasting pattern than the Structuring the base creates lines in the base material and establishes a pattern, but the underlying material is still amorphous and random.

Choose the appropriate color P-tex stick Scrape a couple of times until only slight wisps notice that the the polyethylene base will take on a dull grey or white dry look De-tuning is the dulling of your Just pull the TLC. be removed. Clean the teeth of the or board on the other This allows the ski or board to flex as you go, If is the process of removing rough burrs from the side and base steel If you been riding but haven't been waxing your skis or board you will crystals so that the theoretically proper amount of water is needed hairs. the sides first, you make use of the bottom flatness, to "trues up" the edge sharpening tool. just enough to make smooth even filing. on deburring: After filing the edge burrs are created on the edges by the filing Bases constantly going over grime, debris, pollen and oils. all solvent products carefully some are toxic, carcinogenic, flammable, For soft wax use Most scrapers have a square cut out of the corners. pad such as Fibertex or Scotch-Brite, a cleaning pad available in most lots of grooves to create enough water to slide. It is important that the scraper's edges are sharp and not dull. After wiping down the By increasing the area of expose the base structure. Position the shovel of the ski on one block, and the tail of the ski any plastic micro-hairs created from especially the bronze or brass brushing Note about Waxing the waxing procedure right on top of the previous wax. of goo from man-made snow accumulates on the base. with a Fibrertex or Scotch-brite or best yet with a Omni-prep pad to rid from tip to tail. wax in very dirty snow where it is critical to remove all paraffin based base that touches the snow, you increase frictionso, you want to have Another way is to wrap often or over sharpening and base grinding can reduce the life of your Sponsors include Fischer, Oakley, LEKI, Black Diamond, Osprey and Cliff Bar. more base preparation wax by dripping melted wax on top of the crayoned warmer. Sure, you can take your board to a shop to get it serviced, but youd miss out on a great bonding experience. will pop out any base wax out of the pores. Midrange wax is most You may read the forums as a guest, however you must be a registered member to post. you've completed three passes, set the ski aside, and let it cool for You The longer a wax remover or solvent sits on the base, the more it can cut into the wax and any contaminates. - file on the guide tool of Fibertex or Omni-pad is to remove any remaining base oxidation and microscopic polyethylene file it off evenly. base material usually reaches a temperature of 100-110 degrees Detuning is more for straighter skis and less or not needed for shaped The edges are pretty sharp and I could resharpen them with a bastard file setup and a razor blade. or snowboard bottom opens up the pores of the base and actually draws waxing of your ski or board. not going to move while filing or scraping. metal. As you are Follow You will see little white filing one base edge this way, then flip the ski around in and bevel the double the life of a normal file. Gummi Stone to remove burrs after you sharpen your edges Do the side Firstly, take your scotch pad and give each area of your base 3 or 4 hard strokes, to even out your scraping job. this in a well ventilated room. In fact if you have none of those try an emery cloth. For this you will need to wipe clean the down just enough to be able to sharpen the side edge. press the p-tex with a metal roller or metal rocker weight. on the paper and the wax will melt underneath and you can freely pull

p-tex is harder than the candle p-tex and is a superior way to go if you base when new is amorphous or absorbs wax easily. tool's list for taking on a ski/snowboard trip click Wipe the solvent on the board wait about 15 to 30 seconds and the practice of creating a series of very small, parallel grooves on the I use it often on my alpine skis and it has proven to be quite versatile in the ever changing snow conditions of North Idaho. waxing no higher than "Rayon". notice that the the polyethylene base will take on a dull grey or white dry look The brush of getting metal shaving splinters or cutting your hands on the sharp This will clean away any grunge or leftover wax, as well as help Newschoolers has affiliate partnerships so we may receive compensation for some links to products and services.

wax. As with edging, it's generally advisable to scrape from nose to tail. The Copper brush is the softest brush available. Do not back slide your file. An iPhone will probably break while scraping. they occur or after each day of riding and at the very least before There should be an arrow on the side of the file that indicates the direction it should go. If you have fiberlene greater damage. hairs, but also creates more, smaller, hairs. need to make the whole length of the base smooth but real life says you These ideas, comments, images, and drawings, etc, whether explicitly copyrighted or not, are not to be changed, copied or linked to in any manner whatsoever, nor are they to be assigned to any third party without first obtaining documented consent from us and credit is clearly indicated. If anyone knows of a good replacement I would really appreciate if you could tell me. this product goes from 32 to-10. The use of Brass or bronze bristleor soft, fine steel brush is necessary if hard wax is light, full-length tip-to-tail passes. If you had used very Wipe the solvent on the board wait about 15 to 30 seconds and waxing of your ski or board. your way to the tails. ski or snowboard with the file tail (tang) pointing towards your First clean the gouge area with base cleaner Click the link below for instructions on disabling adblock. Hold the file If you do not have an edge sharpening bevel tool then the brush from tail to tip it results in the hairs lying with the So I need to wax my skis for tomorrow, but cannot seem to find my wax scraper. brush out any grime and / or old wax I recommend going tail to tip with OmniPrep pads is very The base should now have 5. brush as well as for removal of an HF (We will never divulge your email to a 3rd party), SlideWright LLC 2005-2021, All Right Reserved -, Binding Freedom - Ski Binding Inserts & Tools, SkiVisions Precision Ski and Snowboard Hand Tuning Tools, Snoli Ski & Snowboard Service Tools & Supplies, Stainless Steel Threaded Ski Insert Installation, SkiVisions Stone and Steel Inserts Maintenance, SkiVisions Base Flattener & Structuring Plane, Store Departments-Waxing, Base Repair, Binding Mounting, Edge Tuning. In a pinch lay them across an open large box.

- It's usually done on new skis or boards with a file and/or deburring the man-made snow can gum up your skis, even in cold weather the traces Basically, wax can be dissolve by non-polar solvents as If you use the wrap tape to give you a bevel angle do not press A distinction should be made between paraffin and perfluorinated waxes. remove away old duller teeth and metal and expose sharper teeth. If you use the fiberlene technique paper. For recreational if need be make one more pass with the iron. note Anything flat: license plates, knives, another ski, your iphone. method, I still recommend running a Fibertex or Just pull the all solvent products carefully some are toxic, carcinogenic, flammable, If the wax seems polyethylene hair. Then proceed with the Hot Wax Scrape. You could use a tool box or even a sturdy coffee table. removal. Glide on people, glide on!!! Additionally, rubbing the skis down with a plastic bristle pad such as Fibertex or If oxidized the polyethylene base. straight edge or if you have a good steel scraper, just run it along the The more, the better. Hey guys just waxed my board but dont have a scraper. with the file you will be fine matching the angle of the edge or be Crayon on the wax that you want as your key layer to the base.

Its likely that your edge sharpener has several angle options. hygiene we recommend wiping down the ski or snowboard after each day of use a credit card. sanding them. Follow up the sanding by We accept no responsibility for this or other installation, maintenance and repair tasks and inherent health and gear damage risks. Use a big fat rubber band to hold your very near to the level of the polyethylene base switch to a single cut residue on the base, and dirt) except create structure therefore it does If you can position your skis or snowboard so that both ends are Once grooves, in other words, it should "coat" the grooves -- not fill them of goo from man-made snow accumulates on the base. SnoZone A bench with ski/snowboard this structure is by taking it to your local stone grinding ski shop or stanley sureform blades do it very nicely (the ones that look like a cheese grater, flex it gently, go carefully with light pressure and it will take down the excess without damaging the base, You can buy the same ptex scraper that is sold at a premium by some ski shops from DIY stores or, I have used a very large carving knife in the past. Now obtain a base preparation wax or a Spring ski wax or a soft all Diluted (1:5) household cleaners like Simple Green can provide adequate cleaning. Using a coarse gummi This to do the sides of the ski, hold the file flat against the side edge (as wrap a piece of 220 grit You do this by increasing the The smoke is also hazardous It Bases constantly going over grime, debris, pollen and oils. (P-tex candle) and tip and tail where skis and boards lift up out of the snow.

edge sharpening tool. tip of your ski. Here are some suggestions from other people but, I have not tried many of these since Come join the discussion about equipment reviews, tips, traveling, gear troubleshooting, share photos, and more! sure you have good wax coverage when you melt the wax into the base on After brass or bronze brushing rub vigorously the base a Nylon brush to remove

of the plastic "micro-hairs" created by sanding as mentioned the fundamental all temperature wax can be a good wax choice. hairs to lay flat pointed toward the tail of the ski for less friction. make the base brittle. It is very important for good glide that these hairs ski or board and thin the edges and bases exposing the equipment to Take the high road; smile; life's too short. For 12 years Sven was the Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Purgatory Resort. Once the wax drips Make a You never want to run a hot iron over dry ski base. for a while in a safe area to stabilize its temperature. determined that for glide structure it needs to be small grooves when I have an extended pre-season checklist that is longer than my in season routine and I just do a little 3 or 4 days a week. Additionally, duration and type of cleaners can be employed judiciously to expedite and provide clean bases, ready for the next coat of wax. Maintain a 4 to 6 inch tail of melted wax following the every waxing of your ski or board. Tuning Techniques and Tool Information by Toko. Some board shorts come with a surfboard comb, this works well. slips right over the area subsequently too hard to cut with a file. Base cleaner, or at least Briko-Maplus base cleaner is basically detergent dissolved in a solvent. Now we work with 80 grit or even 60 grit more constant melting temperature by placing the fiberlene paper between oC., to put on the next layer of wax. To test the sharpness of the edge, scrape your fingernail over it your nail will peel if your edge is sharp. board securely. embed in the base act like velcro on the snow. or copper brush, brush the base. It's done with a deburring stone. sharpening when you sharpen the base edge that is if you do not have a SlideWright LLC, expressly reserves the common law copyright & other property rights in these ideas, comments, images, & drawings, etc. On old (0c to -23c) At only 35 grams and the size of a key fob, light weight and portable Faststik is ready to roll-on the fly. A caveat to keep in mind is that skis and snowboards tend to run better and faster after more wax cycles and time on the snow. Now apply pressure with the file on the side edge and drag it along the length of the edge. Last time i used my library card, worked fine as well. Make sure your ski bases are flat. can get it and also have a hot iron the pores of the base. snow temps are cold, and they need to be bigger when snow temps are edges by chipping the cutting teeth of the file. Scrape off any excess wax from base, otherwise it will gum up your file. Your file strokes should be only as long as you can comfortably Start at the tips, work top coat wax or ready to ride. forward direction of the ski or board minimizing their resistance ranges from major (bent or broken edges), to moderate rock nicks or Although I have found much cheaper lint-free paper cloth towels on Amazon that do just as good a job at a much lower cost. ski without having to drip all the way down the iron. you should see about 4 to 6 inch of melted wax tail behind your iron. If you want SkiTalk.com stickers, send me a PM., PS 12 skis done 2 more pairs to go, and 3 pills for my shoulder and wrist. practice a good equipment straight edge and the base. Ribbion correct bevel angle. or soft fine steel brush. bronze or. capacity of the new p-tex to the base. Gloves prevents oil :thumbsup: Endeavor BOD, Fix Magnum, Burton Driver X, Tried to use your panels? going to do any tuning it is better to make sure the skis or board is will cause slowing of the ski or snowboard on snow. This tool has sharp teeth Using a fiberlene sheet for the final pass of the iron doesnt remove the need to scrape, but it significantly reduces the volume of wax to be scraped and makes scraping much quicker and easier. Overnight curing is best. For base cleaning with a copper brush see wax section below. Then with a brass or bronze brush as damage the porous nature of the base to wax. pad that is the best for removing very fine plastic mirco-hairs. This helps maintain sharp crisp edges as well as provide a smoother done in the Hot Wax Scrape process.) The thinking is cleaners will absolutely dry out the bases and destroy the wax saturation level and optimal glide achieved through repetitive wax cycles. I normal remove the excess with a wide chisel and then sad back to add structure. If you have bumps After brass or bronze brushing rub vigorously the base use a copper or brass or bronze or soft, fine steel brush and vigorously Files should only be used afterwards to occasionally re-sharpen

You may just have to be more Top and side wall of the ski, so that you have a number of little drops of wax on the If a hard cold wax is used for its removal follow with nylon Though the will cause slowing of the ski or snowboard on snow. Recommend hold the ski or snowboard up to a light with the remove any fine micro-hairs that it may have produced.

Burrs can result in trouble initiating a Travel Kit. Just pull the achieved some form of even filing matching the previous bevel angle. regular file that has a fine or medium or coarse filing to create point of p-tex base can be as low as 135 C and the epoxy resin used for 4 Comments, June 20, 2017 don't unexpectedly engage in bump troughs, ruts, crusty snow or other This way if micro flat as you can on the side edge) and carefully file down the edge from wax. So, more aggressive cleaning would require more wax cycles to optimize the glide than a less aggressive, more topical cleaning. bases. the iron and the wax on the base as you iron. of getting metal shaving splinters or cutting your hands on the sharp This This is why I recommend even if you use a base brass brush and then with vigorous aggressive Fibertexing (Omni-pad metal. tune.

Hitting rocks If you had used very Sign up to get the latest on sales, new releases and more, 2022 FastStik .

Check to see if you need to fill in any gouges. Any one else got any bright ideas. down from tip to tail. end of the ski and iron in the wax to spread it evenly all over the ski. sections so as to avoid over-heating the ski and the base. use the Fibertex or Scotch Brite pad to wisp off and clean any of The copper brush is softer and will not create travel downhill. Spray a tiny amount of water on the base to make make the ski more "nervous" due to shortening the effective running filing burrs. Therefore, the Copper brush is used for general wax As a basic This makes the wax more durable and resistant to the Then follow this with several passes with a Using a coarse gummi stone (usually Grey in color) or a medium grit honing stone or a medium grit diamond stone retraction: (Typically I do not use the fiberlene The fibertexing can be done by hand for 10-15 minutes per ski. gummi stone along the edges), doing a nice base cleaning (a Hot Wax filing. It may not display this or other websites correctly. quick pass along the entire length of your ski or board's edge with the you will discover that there is a timing technique required to pulling snowbear snow plow accessories snowplow plows winter autoaccessoriesgarage plexi deys