compared to an average top-performing school fee of R118,057 in 2019. the list of top-performing IEB schools in 2018 as well. Amberfield College is situated at 4810 Amampondo Street; Rooihuiskraal North x 46; Centurion. Pretoria Girls High school boasts of an approximate student capacity of 1300 day and boarding girls.

89 Athol St, Waverley, Johannesburg, 2090, South Africa. School fees for matriculants at Helpmekaar College are R82,500 a year. Their goal is to help develop self-assured students with great potential.

3. The average school fees at the 19 top-performing schools are R130,722.35 a year, compared to an average top-performing school fee of R118,057 in 2019. Kindly contact our Google Administrator, Mr Pillay, for any Google Education/ Classroom related information: Boys and girls stay in different dorms, but senior girls enjoy private dormitories. Certain boarding schools offer extraCurricular Activities like sports, events, debates, excursions etc to their students. They also learn to manage their time better, take care of themselves, organise their activities and become self-motivated.

The college is committed to ongoing staff development. Holy Rosary Catholic School has a pre-primary, primary, and secondary school. Gr 4 7 learners do ICT as subject where they focus on the basics of working on Word, Excel and PowerPoint. All rights reserved.

How do I know if boarding school is right for me? They've raised hundreds of thousands, but not without consequences. Fortunately, Johannesburg has a variety of premier schools that offer excellent education. Two relatively cheap private schools have been ranked among the best private schools in South Africa - charging roughly half in school fees compared to its expensive peers.

In a 2012 IQAA reported that the school was one of the best private schools in Johannesburg.

Furthermore, St Stithians College offers students a unique and holistic learning experience. According to Statista, about 845.5 thousand children in South Africa are out of school. All subjects offered are through the Independent Examination Board. However, boarding is only available to students from grade 8 to matric. This led us into a partnership with Google Workspace for Education. Furthermore, senior students music examinations are evaluated by the Royal School of Music (London). Amberfield College invites you to make a booking to view our state of the art facilities and to get information on our world class education!

Some of these schools fall under the affordable boarding schools within South Africa. The school is a coeducational school that caters to the studies of both male and female students of different grades and ages.

Looking for a public English medium High school in South Africa with a boarding facility?

The Assumption Convent School was founded in 1946. Furthermore, they are well known for their water polo team. This public high school with a boarding school in South Africa is for boys only. Did you know that your childs learning environment can have a substantial impact on their morale and academic performance? South Africa also has some affordable public boarding schools for both national and international students. Wartburg is a coeducational Christian High School with boarding facilities for grade 6 to 12 students. Within St Stithians College, there are 8 sub-schools which include: Waverley Girls High School is a public suburban all-girls high school in Waverly South Africa which is a sister school to King Edward VII high school. Crawford College boasts of having some of the best facilities in the country. It is a public High School with a Christian religious affiliation and an all-girls sister school called Waverley Girls High School. Below are some amazing reasons why boarding school in South Africa may be a great choice for your child: In boarding schools, children do not have so much access to distractions like Social Media, television and so much more. 51 College Rd, Pelham, Pietermaritzburg, 3201, South Africa. The schools vision is for students to graduate with impeccable values.

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Furthermore, the school offers the best in education and sporting facilities. We offer a balanced approach to education, consisting holistically of academics, sport and culture. Northwood School is a public boarding school in Durban, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa which is regarded as one of the best all-boys High Schools in the city. This well sought-after school is on the list of best private schools in Johannesburg. St Andrews Ave, Senderwood, Germiston, 2145, South Africa. Summit Road is home to the high school and preparatory schools, while West Road North is home to the pre-preparatory.

Maritzburg College is regarded as one of the oldest schools in South Africa. Rugby, cricket, hockey, water polo, and tennis are available. Students also have the option to board on campus. Brescia House School is one of the best private schools in Johannesburg. In addition, students can also use the heated pool and, music practice rooms. This includes a drama center, arts, and design studio, science and tech laboratories, and more. This enables children to develop healthy beliefs in themselves and their abilities. Gyms and fitness trainers will be government regulated and can be shut down under a new draft plan, Discovery is abandoning Vitality rewards points this week - heres what you need to know, Why markets are oddly subdued after Iran's attack on US bases in Iraq: 'You call that a knife?'. Each student is nurtured and encouraged to reach their full potential. Don't want to miss these opportunities we provide?

The Irish Missionary Sisters of the Holy Rosary created a Catholic all-girls school.

document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); We really care so much about helping students globally; our quality guides says it all. It is between Jan Smuts Avenue and Valley Road on 16 acres of the historic Westcliff Ridge. Johannesburg is one of the top cities in South Africa for your children to attend school. However, the following could be a way to know if boarding school is right for you: You are or you want to be independent You'd like to explore what it feels like to be away from home. Additionally, parents can make use of the aftercare and holiday care for younger students. 2022 (2.0.22201.13) The school offers a high-quality, well-rounded educational system.

St Davids is one of the best private schools in Johannesburg. As a result, students can benefit from this no matter where they are. Children learn to cater for their own activities and learn to take responsibility for their affairs.

The forward-thinking, Christian-based attitude is dedicated to learning and community development. In South Africa, Roedean School operates as a private High School for girls between the age of 5 to 18. Students can enrol into the termly hostel accommodation which houses 2 to 4 boarders per room. Our IT (Information Technology) and CAT (Computer Application Technology) department is growing rapidly with a second IT lab coming to our High School in 2022, CAT focusing more on MS office applications, website technologies, social integration of technology and giving learners the skills to take on any job in the future with confidence in using technology. The schools majestic chapel hosts weekly mass for students and employees. 5. For the past seventy years, the private college has delivered a respected and accessible Christian education to its students. Furthermore, the school was founded in 1919. Parents can expect to pay anywhere between R84, 930- R110, 595 per annum. This High school has a capacity of over 1,000 students and 400 boarders. 110 Clearwater Road, Lynnwood Glen, Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa, 55 Athol St, Waverley, Johannesburg, 2090, South Africa. St Peters is an excellent school that emphasizes academic and athletic achievement. This is also an essential element to consider when honing a students specific skills. Grade 1 and 2 learners use the Lego Brick Motion sets to get them into the design and building phase of Robotics. Grade 6 and 7 learners use the Lego Spike Prime set that incorporates more advanced coding in a fun and interactive environment. Amberfield College is situated in Rooihuiskraal North, Centurion. The school sits on the grounds of the old Kensington golf club in Bedfordview. Our teams will compete in the Lego League competitions. Midstream College - the cheapest private school included on the list - was the second-best performing school, producing five of the countrys top matriculants. So many affordable boarding schools are available in different states around South Africa. Tuition fees range between R85, 320- R139, 200 per year. Feel free to also join our Telegram Chat Enabled Group. Fees range between R78, 000 and R128, 000 per year. It is often tough for you and your child to part ways after deciding that a boarding school is the best option. Reddam House- Best private schools in Johannesburg, 8. What do you consider your personal strengths and weaknesses? Furthermore, educators strive to have a meaningful impact on their students lives. 20 Wellington Rd, Parktown, Johannesburg, 2193, South Africa. Additionally, it has two weekly boarding establishments which can house about 142 girls. It is an all-boys semi-private boarding school with the English language as the medium of learning. All you need to do is to choose the school that's a great match for your child.

Students can choose to pursue any of these subjects based on their interests. Are Boarding Schools in South Africa Worth it? There are approximately 600 kids who attend this school. Some of these schools expose children to healthy activities that help improve their child's discipline, confidence, and social life. During some boarding school admissions processes, prospective students may go through an interview. King David High School Linksfield, which ranks as the eighth-most expensive day school in the country, produced six top matriculants - the most in the country. Our Robotics Club continues in the afternoons as an extra mural, our teams chosen there will compete in the Lego League competitions. Living away from home may be challenging, however, at boarding schools, one important life skill students adopt is independence. Rustenburg Educational College has both a primary and secondary boarding establishment which also contains recreational facilities for students. You also need to prepare their minds for the challenges that they may face away from home. Students can enjoy using the beautiful playgrounds, rugby fields, and a swimming pool while on campus. Crawford College also offers 20 different subjects in its curriculum. Students also have access to certain scholarships that may aid their education and reduce the cost of study. Crawford College, Sandton, Johannesburg, 4.

The Ridge School is one of Johannesburgs oldest English-medium boys preparatory schools. It is estimated that school fees range from R81, 000 to R153, 000 per year. Visit the SA Department of Health's website for COVID-19 updates:, Thank you for your interest in our beautiful school. This is an all-girls high school in South Africa with a boarding facility that accommodates about 200 boarding students. This includes speech therapists, neurodevelopment, and much more. With international rugby and cricket teams and mandated extracurricular sports, St Davids has a long sporting history. Education is a fundamental aspect of every childs life. There are also special periods within the day allocated solely for study. The students also achieved a rating level of 7 in Life Orientation in the IEB examinations. This includes swimming, tennis, hockey, netball, rowing, and equestrian activities. All rights reserved. Public boarding schools are residential institutions of learning or schools which are financed by either the local, state, federal or regional government. Kindly ensure that you do well to compare them to find the one that suits your child best. 4. 200 Roper St, Brooklyn, Pretoria, 0181, South Africa. As a result, this mindset helps students succeed. St Davids has a large library, a heated swimming pool, and well-kept sports grounds. The major difference between an independent boarding school and a public boarding school is that the former is funded by independent individuals or organisations while the latter is funded by the state. Annual fees range between R144, 690-R164, 470, depending on the grade. The school claims to have a student capacity of over 800 girls in its junior and senior schools.

The institute boasts of being one of the best private schools in Johannesburg. is an information service portal and should not be viewed as financial advice. The school caters to students in grades 8 to 12 and has an estimated student capacity of 1500 with 2 campuses. Crawford College, Sandton, Johannesburg, 4. In addition, this promotes self-esteem and encourages diversity. Boarders students have 3 boarding houses for different learning grades which includes: St Andrews school for girls has a preschool, junior school and senior school. Roedean School for girls has a sister school in England and operates with the Christian worldview. Reddam House provides learners with plenty of opportunities to think outside the box. Copyright MoneyToday 2022.

The Independent Examinations Board (IEB) this past week released a list of the 81 top matriculants for 2019, who ranked among the top 5% in five subjects. The school has a capacity of approximately 900 students and a weekly boarding establishment from Sunday to Friday for its students. Redhill builds strong relationships with students and parents by servicing entire families. Football, swimming, and rock climbing are available at St Peters. All-inclusive school fees with no surprises, We offer world class education at 20% less than comparative schools in our area, State of the art academic, sport and culture activities. Boarding students have longer access to the Facilities of their school because they often live within the school premises. Therefore, sending your kid to the best private schools in Johannesburg can be extremely valuable. This is the sister school of the Pretoria Boys High School located in Gauteng, South Africa. School fees start range from R91, 947 to R176, 204 per year. This helps ensure that all students can excel in all aspects of learning. Assumption Convent School- Best Private Schools in Johannesburg. If youre looking to enroll your child into an affordable boarding school in Kwazulu Natal, then you may want to consider this school. Robotics forms part of our ICT Curriculum. However, the top list is not corrected for school or class sizes, and schools with very large intakes have a statistically improved chance of producing multiple top matrics. When searching for boarding for your child, below are some important things to look out for: Location, Tuition and Total Cost, Extra-Curricular Activities, Is it Co-ed, Religious, Single-sex? Teachers are encouraged in developing strong relationships with their pupils. With over 24,998 schools in South Africa, you can find some affordable boarding schools in Gauteng, Pretoria, Limpopo, KZN, and other states where your children can acquire quality education without spending so much on fees and other expenses. danville Grade 3 - 5 learners use the Lego We Do 2.0 set that combines coding with engineering and problem solving skills. The student body consists of a diverse group of learners. The school is a public institution for girls only with their medium of instruction as the English language.

There is an equal focus on academic, sporting, and cultural activities at St Stithians College. Last but not least, St Stithians is one of the best private schools in Johannesburg. For more information visit Listening to them to know how they feel about a boarding school. Redhill school fees range between R90, 000 and R175, 000 per annum. Why are you pursuing a boarding school education? Most boarding schools spend approximately 12 hours engaging in sports and performing other extracurricular activities as opposed to the 9 hours spent by day schools. Parents can expect to pay anywhere between R100, 000- R133, 000 per annum. This is especially convenient to students who reside further away. Therefore, investing in your childs education can be rather fruitful. One moment, youre asking yourself if its really worth sending your child away from home and the next moment youre contemplating changing your mind. Furthermore, students are encouraged to partake in community service through the curriculum. A Business Insider South Africa comparison found that 19 private schools had two or more top-performing pupils in that list of top performers. Moreover, there are two departments within the Reddam institution: Early Learning and Preparatory School. Furthermore, the report boasted the schools safety, academic, extracurricular standards, and management. 2. King Edward VII school claims to be able to house 1,200 boys within its facility which offers both day and boarding schooling. All grades are perfect, from pre-prep to matric.

We have made a list of some of these Boarding High schools around South Africa.